Our Work

Our strategic plan is our roadmap to an inclusive and resilient economy for Birmingham.


By mid-2025, Birmingham will be a model of an inclusive and resilient economy.


Put the residents of Birmingham first by:

  1. Creating quality jobs
  2. Preparing workers for those jobs
  3. Ensuring that residents can access the skill development for those jobs

Strategic Goals

Fostering Entrepreneurship

IEO will engage in place-based development offering resources to grow small businesses in our neighborhoods, partnering with other regional metros, leveraging unique assets, and optimizing our economy .

Strengthening the Municipality

IEO will set and track goals for an inclusive economy, reflecting a commitment to intergenerational and social mobility, equity-driven human capital formation and strategic investments for innovation and productivity.

Growing Business Industries

IEO will expand existing industries and recruit cluster-based targets in partnerships to accelerate trade by leveraging best practices in BRE projects.

Increasing Lending Access and Equity to Capital

IEO will assist business to pursuing alternative forms of capital in order to have a higher chance of securing loans and investments. IEO will foster connections between those who need the capital and those prepared to offer capital.

Reimagining Marketing & Educational Opportunities

In recognition that learning pathways must become more dynamic, IEO will design systems, processes and procedures to bolster a comprehensive talent strategy for Birmingham. Investing in human capital is fundamental to building a sustainable, dynamic economy.

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