Real Estate – Request for Proposal

Former McArthur School Building in Druid Hills – Deadline: September 24, 2021

The City of Birmingham (the “City”) hereby requests proposals for the sale and redevelopment of real estate currently owned by the City of Birmingham located at 1700 – 25th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35234 (the “Property”). The 3-story brick structure is nestled in the residential neighborhood of Druid Hills. 

The intent of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is to sale the property to an experienced and qualified developer who will submit a redevelopment plan for the existing school property that will prioritize the production of affordable housing. The proposed redevelopment should be contextually appropriate and financially feasible. This RFP offers an opportunity to revitalize   an attractive site that will contribute once again to the Northside Community mixed-use commercial center.

For all inquiries e-mail

The City reserves the right: (1) to cancel this RFP at any time for any reason; (2) to accept or reject any and all proposals and (3) to request additional information prior to or upon the final selection of a purchaser/developer.

In its selection of a proposal, the City reserves the right to negotiate with any or all bidders including without limitation by negotiating all or portions of different proposals or by requesting additional offers from any or all bidders, and to waive requirements of the RFP if it is in the best interest of the City to do so.

The final proposed agreement will be subject to approval by the Council of the City of Birmingham.

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